• Carole Carpenter Art

  • Artistic Expressions

    carole carpenter art


    Fabric dye on silk using various techniques

    • All are ready for hanging
    • Some framed with museum glass & others adhered to canvas
    • Various sizes and subjects
    • Commissions available - I can make whatever you would like, please Contact Me for details.
    • Prices for prints range in price depending on size and technique. Contact Me to purchase. 
      • Small - $50 - 250
      • Medium - $250 - 750
      • Large - $750 - 3500
    carole carpenter art


    Various colors and hues, no two are alike

    • Sizes are 14" x 72"
    • Various weights of silk
    • Various techniques and designs
    • Commissions available
    • Great for gifts! 
    • Depending on size and techniques used - prices range from $40 to $125

    Contact Me to purchase.

    carole carpenter art


    Floor lamps, desk & table lamps

    • Various bases and sizes
    • Choose Colors and styles
    • Commissions available
    • Great for gifts! 
    • Priced depends on size and type: Contact Me to purchase. 
      • Desk/Table lamps - $50-125
      • Medium size (pictured) - $125
      • Tall Floor Lamp (3 mediums stacked) - $375
    carole carpenter art


    Tops, Dresses, Skirts & Jackets

    • Choose Fabric Pattern / Style / Color / Size
    • Great for gifts!
    • Wholesale Available: Contact Me to purchase.
      • Tops - T-Shirts, Razorback, Long Sleeve Tunic, Long Tank
      • Skirts - Long or Short and Skort
      • Dresses - Long or Short
      • Pants - Palazzo or Yoga
      • Matching Infinity Scarf
  • About the Artist

    carole carpenter art

    Carole Carpenter

    Artist Statement

    Silk painting came into my life when I was on a deep personal journey. It enabled me to open more fully, show up more publicly with strength in my vulnerability. For me, art is grounding, a temporary escape, a recharging and a voice for expressing and celebrating the beauty of life and Spirit’s creation. In each piece I try to convey emotions that balance my work and family life, and expressing peace, joy, grace, and the gift and tranquility of life and nature.


    I love working on silk because it continues to challenge me and enables me to bring shimmer, color and an in-depth view of the world around us. I hope you can immerse yourself in the joy and beauty of my work.

  • Private Commissions are Accepted

    I can make whatever you would like, please contact me for details.

  • My Artistic Process

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    Select & Draw Image

    I look for interesting picture with movement, character and contrast. I look for images that are available for commercial use or my own or friends photos. I like challenging designs expand my creativity.


    Apply Fabric Dye & Blend

    I blend colors of fabric dye and begin applying dye from light to dark on dry or wet silk depending on how I want the colors to interact.


    Steam to Set Colors

    Each piece must be placed between newspaper print and steamed for 3 hours to set the color. Then it is washed and rinsed to eliminate any excess dye, so it doesn't run, bleed or rub off.


    Mount on Canvas

    The finished work must be trimmed to fit a the selected canvas and then ironed so it lays flat. Then using a UV protection varnish, it is adhered to the canvas.

  • Contact Carole

    Let me know if I can create a special piece for you or for that unique gift!

    Topanga Canyon
    By Appointment Only